They Were Only Here On Loan

–A Father Remembers —

All families possess shared anecdotes. These little tales are about the wonderful years of the author’s role as a father. For as every dad finds out, the kids are “too soon gone.â€? From childhood to young adult, the stories trace the growth of one man’s family, with occasional ruminations about the uncertainties and follies and foibles of fatherhood. Most of the tales are funny—some are sad. A few are both.

They all celebrate the fact that fatherhood is a unique and wonderful experience. Dads will find in the stories a reminder to remember. And hopefully they may hear a prompting to hold their own family tales close to the heart in the telling and retelling with those who share their lives. Buy from for $16.95.

Bob Reed is a retired professor, PBS executive, publisher, and author who hopes that families will never lose the memories of themselves.

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